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Rock cover band or tribute band - whats the difference?

Rock covers bandQuite often people looking for a live music band for their corporate event, wedding, party or live music events search tribute acts (also known as a fake band)that sing one specific famous bands songs and mimic their style or a band that plays a certain genre of music.. the latter is usually performed by a cover band.
BaKlash are a rock cover band that performs hard rock, punk & glam to pop, indie & metal that spans from the 1960's upto the current generation.  Have a look at our set list and you will see our diversity to be able to entertain you.
Examples of uk tribute bands are..................

Tribute Shows

Musice Era Bands

Genre bands

nirvana tribute band

60s tribute bands

rock tribute bands

pink floyd tribute band

80s music live

glam rock tribute bands

queen tribute band

80s tribute acts

indie tribute bands

rolling stones tribute band

80s tribute band


status quo tribute bands

80s tribute bands


the blues brothers tribute band

live 80 band


the jam tribute bands

live 80s music


the stones tribute band


the who tribute band


thin lizzy tribute bands


van halen tribute band


ub40 tribute band


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